Raspberry Pi workshop

Raspberry Pi

Before the Raspberry Pi appeared computers were relatively expensive and out of reach of folk who were just interested in playing with computers at home to learn programming and how to interface them to external electronic circuits to control them and monitor environmental parameters.

Raspberry Pi launched on an unsuspecting world

However, November 2012 saw the launch of a new low-cost computer was launched by a group that nobody had heard of before. The Raspberry Pi Foundation had created a perfectly useful, fully functional, computer for experimenters. And best of all, it cost just £35 so was within reach of thousands of people.

Sales of 10 million and still going

The product was destined for a limited run in the education arena but since then sales of the different variants have amassed over 10 million and they’re in full flow with no signs of the production line easing off any time soon.

Experiment with programming and electronics

People can now purchase a Raspberry Pi, a cheap box of electronic components, sensors and output devices and use the free programming language Python to experiment and create all sorts of devices that might previously have cost a lot of money. In fact, many new low cost devices have been invented that didn’t exist before and this is partly due to the popularity of the Raspberry Pi.

During the Raspberry Pi workshops you will be introduced to these amazing £35 computers and what they can do. You’ll build some simple electronic circuits (flashing LEDs, two-player reaction game, traffic light simulator, etc.)  and program the Raspberry Pi to control them.

The activities you perform in these workshops are the perfect jumping off point for your future experiments with the Raspberry Pi.

You will be supported by some of our specialists during the workshops and resources you will use during them are freely downloadable below so that you can continue with the workshops at home, or share them with your friends.

Useful resources