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technoJAM workshops and timetable released

technoJAM @ Southport College will take place on the 9th September and the workshops and timetable has just been released.

This free event will take place in the library at Southport College and will open to the public from 11 am until 4pm.

There will be six workshops repeated throughout the day including:

  • Code & Cipher School – come and learn how to encrypt secret messages.
  • 3-D Printing – see how you can make models and useful items for use around the home simply and cost-effectively.
  • Morse Code – discover how to send messages using this fascinating communications mode.
  • BBC Micro:bits – find out how you can use these small and cheap programmable devices to build exciting projects.
  • Building Simple Electronic Circuits – electronics is not as difficult as you may think, you’ll have your first circuit up and running in no time at all.
  • Build a WW2 Enigma Machine – yes, using just a Pringles tin and a photocopied sheet of paper; message security is assured.


In addition to this there will be two permanent displays; a Show ‘n’ Tell area where people can bring along items they’ve built and show them off to visitors and a live wireless communication station which you can use to talk to someone else far away.