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Southport College technoJAM Workshop Schedule now available for download

It’s just two days until the free Southport College technoJAM. The event is run by the Quantum Technology Club and they have just published the workshop schedule which is available for download now.

There will be seven workshops run throughout the day (Build an Enigma Machine, Raspberry Pi, Morse Code, Electronics, Code & Cypher School, 3D Printing & ‘Making’ and BBC Micro:bit).

The Raspberry Pi workshop will be a drop-in workshop run throughout the whole day but each of the other workshops will last approximately thirty minutes and be run three times so that you can visit as many workshops as you like.

The Enigma Machine workshop will require you to bring an empty Pringles tube (other light snacks are available in alomost identical sized tubes); we’ll supply the rest.

There will also be an amateur radio station operating throughout the day and a Project Room that will be a show-and-tell area where you can bring along your own projects to show off, work on and meet with other similarly minded amateur technologists and makers.

So download your Southport College technoJam Workshop Schedule now and get planning the workshops you’d like to attend.

The event starts at 11:00 am and is open until 3:00 pm. There will be free snacks and refreshments and lots of other activities for you to enjoy including a steam tractor and train.

We look forward to seeing you there.